About Us
Group Med BV, a biotech and medical company, is founded by a team of enterprising professionals with experience in IVD, Medical Device & OTC products and located in Hengelo, Netherlands. Group Med BV markets and manufactures the state-of-the-art medical products covering the following fields:
  • IVD products we currently market products in three areas: diagnostic kits, Instrumentations and disposables for clinical lab use.
  • POC products.
  • Oncology. The products we are marketing include tumor detection kit such as CEA, PSA, and F-PSA etc..
  • Medical Device. Covering intra vascular and Healthcare Disposable produc ts in four areas: Infusion Therapy, Anaeshesia & Respiratory Care, Urology, Gastroentrology
  • OTC products. Blood Glucose monitoring systems, Blood pressure monitors, Stethoscope, Thermometer, Contraceptive products

At Group Med BV, we intend to integrate technologies and products to develop different systems that can perform a wide variety of tests in today's medical and life sciences. All of our products and services come with excellent technical support and amiable customer services. Therefore, within a very short period of time, Group Med BV has achieved a great accomplishment.

The company is led by a highly-experienced management team in all fields such as sale, customer service, R&D, and production.

At Group Med BV, we not only know how important the novel technologies and products are, but also understand how to transform them into business success in European and Global markets.

We have established a close relation to our customers such as hospitals, goverment agencies, and research institutes and universities. Group Med BV is interested in cooperating international companies to achieve success in today's competitive business world.

Our mission;The ultimate goal of Group Med BV is to provide our customers with products and care at great value, which is led by the following values (EEE):
  • Enthusiasm: Our team is determined with passion to achieve our missions.
  • Excellence: We do our best to provide our customers with the excellence both in scientific and operational fields.
  • Education: We not only supply our customers with the best products, but also educate them with most.